About Us

Southern Africa Ferro Alloys Limited (SAFAL) is a joint venture established by Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd. Goa, India and Continental Ginneries Ltd. Zambia. The parent companies bring different attributes to the table with Continental Ginneries Ltd. (CGL) possessing a significant presence in the cotton processing and edible oil industry in Zambia and Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd. investing into the firm the technical know-how that it has acquired over the last 25 years.

Situated in the Manganese belt of Zambia, the plant is located on the Great North Road in the Central Province of Zambia and is connected by road to the port of Dar Es Salaam. The Tazara-Kanona train siding is attached to the plant as well.

The company currently operates a 6 MVA Ferro Alloy Plant producing either High-Carbon Silico Manganese, High-Carbon Ferro-Manganese or Ferro-Silicon. The plant was built with the intention of setting up a second furnace, the work for which is already underway. The agreement between SAFAL and ZESCO for a power connection of 12 MVA further aids the process of expansion. SAFAL also owns and operates its own Manganese mines in Mansa/Samfia located at a distance of 350 kms from the plant.